Q and A: Part 3

Q. What has been your all time favorite bday present?
That's a tough one! Gifts that people put a lot of thought into are the best. One of my favorites was a tote bag that my friend Lauren of goody-goody made me. It even incorporated some birthday owls that I drew and posted on my blog. So thoughtful!

birthday gift

Q. What is your favorite memory from the last year while you were 30?
Taking my Grams to Half Moon Bay.


Q. I would really like to know when did you decided that you would make a living from your crafts which usually starts just as a hobby, if it was a hard decision (like leaving your daytime job, etc).
I was actually laid off from my job as a web developer, due to the economy. I'm not making a living crafting just yet, though I would love that. I'm looking for full time employment as well.

Q. what's your favorite thing to make?
Anything made with buttons. I love looking through my buttons and choosing colors and textures that I think will look great together.

Vintage button rings

Q. My question is do you have a daily routine that includes your crafting and blogging. For me I like to blog in the morning, housework and bake through the day and craft at night. I'm just wondering if you have a routine like that?
I'd like to develop a better (more set) schedule. I usually check my email and blog reader first thing in the morning. I hit the gym for an hour and a half. Then I come home and shower. My afternoon and evening is spent answering emails, blogging, and crafting, in between dinner and time with my boyfriend and cats.

Q. Did you design your page? it's very cute!
I did. Thank you!

Q. My question for you is, how do afford to pay for all the supply (anywhere cheap?)?
Unfortunately, no. I order supplies online (often through eBay or Etsy). I also shop sales and use coupons at local craft stores. One of my local bead stores offers a discount for having a resale permit. I usually purchase small orders of things so I don't have a huge upfront cost. I can also see if my product idea sells before I'm stuck with a bunch of supplies I might not use.

Q. Is there a search function to search previous posts? I cannot seem to find one.
Yes! I added one to the right-hand side of my blog after seeing this question! Thanks for the suggestion.

Q. My question for you is how can I become crafty/creative without going to school & when my mind goes blank everytime I go to scrapbook or do crafts? I try to get inspiration from blogs & magazines, but it doesn't help much.
Try not to judge yourself too much. Let your creativity flow without worrying about doing things the "right" way. A blank page can be intimidating, I know! Try keeping a journal of crafts you want to try so that you have ideas waiting for you. Hope that helps!

Q. I love your blog of course and want to know your most favorite project (craft related) that you have ever done. I love everything that you make, but is there one specific one that you loved more than any other? And another question I am dying to know is: what was your first peptogirl craft that you ever made?

I love making new things so the answer to your question is probably ever-changing. Button necklaces are one of my favs.

My first Peptogirl craft was jewelry. Some of my first items that I made to sell were guitar pick earrings and record cuffs. I also made earring holders from records. Oh, and marble magnets!

Rock & Roll Earrings

Q. I was wondering how you got started doing embroidery? What is your process for making an embroidery pattern (i.e. your inspiration)?
I answered this one in Q and A: Part 2. As far as inspiration for patterns, I just draw things that I like. I love cupcakes, owls, and puns!

Q. i would like to know how many time do you spend crafting and do you have an specific creative process?
It really depends on how creative I'm feeling in a given week and what else I have going on. If I'm trying to get ready for a big craft show than I might craft 6 hours a day. Other days I might not craft at all but I'll blog or work on marketing. I don't really have a specific creative process. I jot down ideas and make new crafts when I get time and supplies.

Q. Okay how did you learn digi design? And any tips for someone starting who wants to learn?
I answered this one (above). For someone who wants to learn, I highly recommend taking a community college course if you have the time. If you don't have the time, look into shorter classes that may be offered elsewhere in your town. You might also teach yourself from a book. It really depends on how you learn. Sometimes I find that I need someone to show me things in person.

Q. what did you think your life would be like when you were 13?! i don't know, if you still remember, but i think it's funny to think back on what you once dreamt of and what now is your life... :D
Gosh, I'm not sure! I always knew I wanted to do something creative. I thought I might be interested in advertising so that's not too far from what I do now ;)

Q. I was wondering...how do you come up with the time to craft, run a business, AND blog? It boggles my mind!
I'm not working right now so that helps. I don't sit still - I'm always working on something. I guess that's how I get so much done! I don't have any little ones yet either (unless you count my cats).

Q. What blogs do you HAVE to see each and every day to inspire you?
Check out the links near the bottom of Q and A: Part 1.

Q. How did you learn to stitch/sew? What is your most favorite thing to do?
YouTube videos and books. My favorite thing to do right now is crochet.

Q. What do you do to relax? If it is craft related, what other thing you do in addition to relax or de-stress?
Sometimes I craft (embroider or crochet) but sometimes that just stresses me out more (if I get tangles)! Then I try to chill out and watch a movie or favorite TV show.

Q. if you could take a vacation to any place in any movie, where would you go and why?
Hawaii. Two of my favorite movies are 50 First Dates and Forgetting Sara Marshall.

Q. What are 3 words you would describe your style as?
fun, girly, cute

Q. how do you manage to get *so much* accomplished in a day? Do you have a 9-to-5 or is crafting your full time occupation? I just graduated from college last May and between job hunting, daily obligations/errands (cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, post office, etc.), taking care of my dogs, and getting some rest...I NEVER seem to have time to do/make fun stuff, so you're a real inspiration to me!

Also - I know you love baking, so what's your favorite flavor of cupcake? (PS - if you ever visit Seattle, you MUST visit Trophy Cupcake!)

I hear ya! I don't sit still and I don't have a ton of obligations right now either.

I would love to visit Seattle one day! My favorite cupcake flavor would have to be something chocolate. Maybe chocolate peanut butter. To be honest. I never met a cupcake that I didn't like.

Q. where can I find some fab craft & supplies while visiting the US? I'm coming over from OZ in May & am keen to visit some handmade markets & stores.
Fun question! It depends which city you are visiting. Try searching for thrift or craft stores in specific cities and I'm sure you'll come up with some good places.

Q. i recently saw the picture of your craft space/studio on the red velvet art style school pool. i loved it! when i move i'm hoping to design my own little space. what inspired you when designing your studio?
Thanks! It's really only a craft corner but it's better than nothing! I was inspired by photos of other people's craft spaces on Flickr.

studio inspiration board

Q. where do y get all ur inspiration from? Anything in particular that inspires u?
blogs, thrifting, fashion trends, colors & textures...

Q. have you ever been to france? and if yes, what did u like the best?
I have! I went for 10 days the summer after my freshmen year of high school. I went with my French teacher and some other classmates. We saw a lot of cool history and art though I wish I had appreciated it and paid attention more! The Eiffel Tower was my favorite. We also saw some beautiful cathedrals and castles.

Q. I have two questions... one is about how you began web design. What are the basic skills you need? Your blog is seriously the cutest one I've ever seen.
My second question is are all of these giveaway items handmade by you? They are all so very adorable :)

Thank you! The number one most important tool is probably photo editing and/or a graphic program. I use professional programs but you can do a lot with free or inexpensive programs. You don't HAVE to know HTML (the language that websites are programmed in) but it helps.

All of the giveaway items were made by me. Some of them were made as RVA class projects.

Q. you seem to wear lots of hats....how do you find all the time for everything and not go crazy???
Don't get me wrong, I AM crazy. hehe. I love crafting but the computer stuff comes naturally to me too. I enjoy the variety of different tasks.

Q. Historically (say 1800s), who (whom?) would you have wanted to be? Are you going to get an iPad? And, you're so creative, I think you should write a series of stories starring a crafter like yourself. Have you thought about that?

Tough question! Maybe an artist? I will have to think on that some more... I don't have any plans of getting an iPad any time soon. My iPhone is great for now. I do love to write but I don't think my life is interesting enough for people to read about. Maybe if I embellished a bit!

I haven't read it yet but Kathy Cano-Murillo (the Crafty Chica) is an excellent writer. Her novel Waking Up in the Land of Glitter just came out. Her short stories are awesome so I can't wait to read her book!

Q. How do you decide which crafts to display in your home? Do you put up a little of everything or is it a harder process to pick and choose?
Usually, if I am making something for my home, I already know where I want to put it. I don't make a whole lot of home decor items (yet) except when I have a specific need for them.

holiday love

painted pillow

Q. Do you end up awake half the night cos an idea is in your head & you aren't going to sleep until you make notes?
I typically fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! There are times when I get up to take notes though.

Q. Ok, if you were a Muppet, which one would you be and why?
HAHA! Miss Piggy for sure! I guess because she's the most girly of them all and because she's in love with Kermit. Who wouldn't love Kermit?! Love the Muppets, by the way!

Q. As for my question, I've been trying to convince my sis to start her own etsy shop (she's an amazing artist), but to no avail. What made you decide that this is the path you wanted to take, as far as having an unconventional, not nine-to-five "job"?
I'm not quite at that point yet BUT if she wants to sell her art, I highly recommend Etsy for starting out. It's something she could start doing as a hobby and then if/ when her artwork takes off she can decide if she wants to do it full time.

Q. how long have you been blogging and what types of things inspire you most? Oooh and one more - how do you organize your thoughts, ideas and inspiration? :)
Since 2005. blogs, thrifting, fashion trends, colors & textures... journals and a binder full of magazine clippings that inspire me. I also mark favorite images on Flickr.

Q. I'm loving your embroidery, what's your favorite thing you've ever stitched?
Probably this guy!


Or my love bus pillow!

DIY love bus pillow" kit + pattern

Q. How did you get into web design? Do you love it, or would you rather do something else?
I do love it! I mostly love designing for myself (is that greedy?)! There are lots of other jobs I'd love to do as well. I'm versatile!

Q. does your significant other support your crafty madness? :D
He does! I don't think he totally "gets it" but he is supportive and tries to help me come up with ideas (though his suggestions aren't alway helpful)! I think he would be bored to death if he ever worked a craft show with me but he often helps me unload and set up for a show - the hard part!


Q. my question is where do you get your inspiration from? name 5 things
blogs, thrifting, fashion trends, colors & textures, Flickr

Q. My question for you is: what advice or input do you have to offer younger people who want to make arts/crafts/design a Serious part of their life? (I love to ask anyone in the artsy world this question)
Be true to yourself (and your style) and don't give up!

Whew! I thought I'd never finish! thanks for all the great questions and for being so patient!


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hi amy! thank you for the shout out!!! love your blog, so inspiring!!

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