Amy Cluck Paints Sacramento Pink

Liz Franco interviewed me for an amazing article in Sacramento's Submerge Magazine. I was SO excited to see my name on the cover, a photo of me in the table of contents, and a 2-page color spread inside the magazine. I was hoping to share it ASAP but sadly my printer/scanner is back-ordered. Luckily, today I found that the article had been posted online.

Submerge Magazine

It's a funny story because I found Liz online through RVA's Style School class and started following her blog. When the editor of Submerge contacted me to do the article, she put me in contact with Liz and we already kind of knew each other!

Please go check out the article, entitled I Want Candy. I'm also loving the subtitle, Amy Cluck Paints Sacramento Pink!


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Paula Ga said...

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Paula Ga said...

mmm sorry i don't speak english so good, but i tried.
:) have a cute day!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

So cool - congratulations!!

Liz said...

I cracked up when Melissa told me you were the story haha. Sacramento keeps getting smaller :) You were a great interview-ee <3

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pinksuedeshoe said...

Great interview, and congrats! That is just so awesome.

goody-goody said...

Oh Amy! So cool! Congrats :)

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