Style School update: accessories

I just realized that it's been awhile since I've done a Style School update. I wanted to take photos of my new accessories but I've been hitting the gym everyday and haven't been motivated to do my hair and makeup.

Style School remix

Wardrobe Remix: vintage tie headband + crochet hairband
Isn't this vintage tie the coolest? I was so excited when I found it.

Wardrobe Remix: vintage button necklace + Mad Men earrings
This necklace is a little different from the ones I usually make. I tried Leigh-Ann's technique. I love the look although I think my usual button necklaces are more my style. I have been coveting a purple one (pictured top, left) for months.

wardrobe remix: leg warmers
These leg warmers are made from sweater sleeves! I decided to add pom-poms using matching yarn. Layered over skinny jeans with black flats. Love!

Oh, and this is embarrassing...

wardrobe remix: embellished panties
Here's my embellished panties project. I call them "sweet cheeks." HA!

This is the last week of class and I think I'm finally "getting it." I am super-excited to apply the things I've learned about style to my business.

Oh, and happy Valentine's everyone!


hana said...

That tie IS so cool! It looks great as a headband! & I love how you made your leg warmers, the ties with pompoms make it look store-bought. Happy V-day!

taylah_ said...

that class looks like it was lot of fun :) are you doing the indie business one?


Cori said...


Peptogirl said...

The class was SO much fun. I highly recommend it! I am taking the business class as well. I'm hoping to get my butt in gear!

i-zilla said...

LOVE the legwarmers with pom poms. how fun!

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