Q and A: Part 2

Okay, you asked for it! Here is round 2 of my Q&A:

Q. What's your biggest source of inspiration?
I am inspired by so many different things, it's hard to pinpoint just one. I am really inspired by vintage pieces, fashion trends, color, my surroundings, other artists and crafters...the list goes on and on!

style school homework: life inspiration
(my Style File collage from Style School)

Q. Did you go to school for art/design?
Yes (sort of). I graduated from CSU, Sacramento in 2003. I got my degree in Multimedia. Originally, Multimedia wasn't offered as an option so I started out as a Graphic Design major. I took almost all of the lower division graphic design courses before Multimedia was an option, but I feel like it gave me an advantage.

Actually, I learned Adobe Illustrator at community college. If you are interested in making your own graphics but not in a degree, I highly recommend community college! I took lots of web design classes at both state and community college.

Q. We all have dreams that we hope to accomplish by our 30's. What was one of yours and have you accomplished it?
I probably saw myself with a stable career (in web design) and a family when I turned 30, so I guess not. A lot of people are having to start over in this economy. I think that's okay though. Things change, dreams change, and I am excited to see what's on the horizon.

Q. when did you get started designing your own embroidery patterns? Also, who taught you to embroidery? And is it hard to keep up with your blog with daily postings?

In the Spring of 2008, a couple of my crafting buddies asked if I wanted to partner with them in a new embroidery pattern business called Pimp Stitch. I gladly accepted! I actually had done little to no embroidery at that point. But I have always loved to doodle so the idea that I could sell my doodles was really appealing to me! I learned to embroider mainly via the internet. Since I was working with 3 other extremely talented ladies, I felt compelled to catch myself up to speed as quickly as possible. I can definitely see how my embroidery has progressed with practice! I should also note that Pimp Stitch was an amazing opportunity for me but I have since decided to stop dividing my time between so many crafty endeavors and concentrate on my own craft business. I think we all found it was difficult to juggle between so many different things! I am now selling my own patterns through my Etsy shop.

hey cupcake embroidery pattern

As far as blogging, I usually only post when I have something to say (which is pretty often)! I definitely spend more time blogging than other business tasks, which might be a bad thing! I don't really have a schedule or feel the need to blog every single day though I'd like to start.

Q. What is one craft that you do not do, that you want to do?
There are still lots of crafts I would like to try. I've been meaning to try resin jewelry for over a year now. I'd like to learn to knit too but right now I'm still learning to crochet so that might get confusing. Oh, and metal work but I'm afraid of working with a flame so...maybe someday.

Q. can you please do a blog post featuring your entire house/apartment?? You show bits and pieces and I'm in love with it. That fireplace kills me everytime!
I always feel envious of other people's homes and spaces. My apartment is a bit dumpy and outdated. We have brown carpet. The walls need to be painted. We have ugly mini blinds. But I like the ways its decorated and its home for now.

I recently started taking more photos in my apartment because I finally learned that natural light + no flash makes for much better photos. Another blog-land secret...sometimes things are prettier than they seem because of the angle or way you photograph them. That's why you only see bits and pieces!

holiday love

Q. how long have you been crafting, and were do you get your inspiration?
See above and also see my Q&A: Part 1 post.

Q. Your drawings are awesome, have you ever illustrated a book?
Thank you! I haven't, but when I was in 2nd grade I wanted to write and illustrate children's books. Maybe I will look into that!

Q. My question for you is how do you do all you do and still have some "me" time?? What is your key to time management. This is always a problem for me - effectively managing time. Another question - did you ever make the macrame owl hanging - would love to find a pattern for that owl - yeh, I like owls!

First of all, I really enjoy what I do so I guess that is my "me" time — sort of hobby and business, you know? I have been going to the gym again and that has definitely become my "me" time. It's about an hour and a half of time each day (taking transportation time into account) but I think it's really important to have some quiet time where I can put on some headphones and zone out. I've found that I have a lot more energy now and it's easier for me to get up early and go.

As far as time management: I've had a difficult time with this recently myself! I used to be the ultimate multi-tasker. I'm not sure if it has to do with getting older (sheesh, I'm only 31) but for some reason I have really had a difficult time staying on track lately. In the last few weeks, though, I've had 99% improvement! I found it's no longer enough to have big goals - I have to plan out the baby steps to obtain the big goals. Schedules and daily and weekly to-do lists are a must.

I haven't made the macrame owl hanging yet. I brought a pattern to my mom for help (she used to make them back in the day) but it turns out what I brought her was a necklace pattern! I want to head to the library soon to see if I can find a book on macrame. I didn't have much luck with instructions online... I will be sure to share once I figure it out.

(instructions on Confessions of a Compulsive Crafter)

Q. where did you find the sweet deers/fawns on your last post photos?? ok, another one.... what is the biggest goal (crafting one) for 2010?
We have an antique fair here in Sacramento on Second Sundays. I've found a few fawns there. I think there's a stuffed fawn in the picture you are talking about. It's actually a Beanie baby. My grandma had millions of them.

craft studio

My biggest crafting goal for 2010 is to increase blog traffic and sales. I'm workin' on it!

Q. What superhero power would you want?
Speed! I'd love the ability to crochet a whole afghan in an hour. Super crafting speed. That would be cool.

Q. What keeps you motivated to keep creating? Do you have to schedule specific times to make things?
Um, no...but I should! I don't make a whole lot of new product until I realize I have a show coming up and then I stress myself out trying to make a bunch of stuff at once. If I'm not feeling inspired to create then I work on marketing tasks, social networking, and I check out other blogs and Flickr photos.

Was it easy for you to jump into the crafting scene?
Yes and no. Being really comfortable with computers and having the knowledge to program my own web site helped a lot. Because so much of the "crafting scene" is online I found it easy. I was even able to find local crafters via the internet and once I started meeting up with local crafters, I felt like I had SO much support! Okay, so maybe it was easy. Everything just sort of fell into place.

My question is what craft do you think you would like to master next.
I kind of answered that above. Actually, I'd love to "master" sewing too since I'm still a beginner!

Which movie have you seen more than ten times and why???

Napoleon Dynamite, Juno, Shrek, Forgetting Sara Marshall (not child appropriate!), 50 First Dates, Little Miss Sunshine...to name a few!

what is one craft that you absolutely NO DESIRE to do?
I am an instant gratification crafter so I would probably skip any craft that looks too time-consuming or complicated. It's safe to say, you'd probably never see me basket weaving.

How or where o you get your inspiration from? And how do you save your idea's???
I've answered the first part already (popular question!). I keep magazine clippings in a binder and I also have a folder on my computer where I save inspirational images. I write notes and make doodles in various notepads and sometimes on sticky notes.

Crafty Organization Tip

Is there one "Craft Tool" that you LOVE to use...and why?
I LOVE craft tools! I <3 my pom-pom maker (I highly recommend Clover brand). My Yudu is pretty awesome too and probably my all-time fav. I need to play with it more!

So my question to you would be where do you see yourself in 10 years as far as your business goes? Do you plan on expanded at all or keeping it where it is?
I hope to be doing something I love, whatever that might be! I plan to keep expanding my business and would love to own a brick & mortar shop one day (maybe)!

My question is, what is your very favorite thing you have ever made?

Tough question!!! I think that changes over time. Maybe button necklaces. They are so bright and fun.


Okay, I'm getting tired so that's enough for tonight. I'll be back again soon with round 3!


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