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I've been following Ashley's blog for several months now so when I saw that she was going to be a "dream reporter" for the Jess LC's Make Under My Life blog, I had to check it out. Every week, Ashley will be blogging about what it's like to follow her dreams. In her first post, she says:

There are a ton of things that I have allowed to hold me back…fear of failure, fear of success, insecurities, jealousy, fear of responsibility, money mindsets, debt, getting older….the list could go on forever. So here I am, at 32 years old, ready to kick some serious dream butt.

Guess what??? I can relate! I, too, have decided that this is the year to follow my dreams. I have started making plans and goals and am SO excited for the possibilities. It's time to start living the life that I want to live!

While I pursue my own dreams, I am also excited to read about Ashley's adventures in following her own dreams. Read her very inspirational post here.

Hoping all your wildest dreams come true too.


amy lapi said...

you can do it! i don't know you... but i have a FEELING! :) ps, i love your blog!!!!
love, amy

Ashley Inzer said...

Amy! I was so excited to read your post! Thank you for sharing about my dream adventures. I am so glad that you connected with it. You seem to be doing such amazing stuff already and I know even more greatness awaits you! Keep dreaming!!

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