things that make my day

Ice cream cupcakes!

Blogged by Elsie (original source) and also a blog party over at A Beautiful Mess.

Blog friends!

My Style School partner, Tara, has posted a tutial on her blog using on of my Valentine embroidery patterns.

Check out her tutorial over at Sew Tara!

And finished projects!

pet button collar & leash
button pet collars & leash for Style School

The pink collar was supposed to be for one of my cats but it turns out my cats don't have necks! They both HATED the collar and it looked ridiculous on both of them. You couldn't really see it under all their fur anyway.

So, once again, I was forced to borrow my dad's dog. It was hard to get a good photo due to gloomy weather and a dog that won't sit still.

pet button collar

pet button collar

Hoping something (or someone) made your day today.


Storybook Woods said...

This did make my day, thank you. Clarice

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