I made a messy scrapbook page with my resolutions for the new year. I am keeping it next to my desk and plan to check it over often to make sure I cross some of these puppies off...


Another one of my goals is to finish more projects. So, even though I'm too late for this year, I crocheted a few ornaments for next year, using a tutorial found on Craft Stylish.

crochet ornaments

I'm also hoping to blog a list of things I'd like to make in 2010. It's going to be a good year.


Meg said...

Great list! I am sure that you will achieve all of them!


A Girl Called E said...

i love your resolutions page, it looks great and i think all your goals seem attainable!
i have a heap of resolutions rattling around in my head and i think i might follow your lead and get them down on paper. might help :)

Melissa Haworth said...

Great resolutions and so prettily written. I'll teach you how to sew a tote bag anytime. I've actually got one it the queue--shall we make a date?

Peptogirl said...

Yay! That would be awesome!

Miss Wanderlust said...

what a cool scrapbook page!! I may have to steal this idea for sure :)

Rain said...

I like your goal of finishing projects! I'm trying to adopt that goal myself! It's a definite work in progress! ;)

Lisa loves knitting said...

I love your list, so fun! and I love the colorful and funky way you wrote them out instead of a boring to do list out of black pen and white paper. great work!

visit me I would be honoured!

Anna said...

i love your illustrated list. it looks like a good motivator!

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