finished projects and decorating

I finished a couple more Style School projects this week. The first is the studio inspiration board which I LOVE. I'm hoping it'll keep me organized and on track. I have lots of goals to achieve this year.

studio inspiration board

studio inspiration board

And here's my woodland yarn flower arrangement. I just love milk glass.

woodland yarn flower arrangement

And a felt heart garland that I made just for fun. Can you tell I love Valentine's Day? Valentine's colors are my fav, plus I love hearts so I don't mind if my Valentine decor doubles for birthday decor.

felt Valentine garland

We finally had a bright, sunny day today so I snapped a few more photos of my apartment while I had the light.

my dresser

earring display


craft studio

Hope you are having an inspired day!


stina said...

it looks GREAT! i love it! you've made it so cute.

kisieltruskawkowy said...

Your wall looks fantastic! I wish I will make similar in the future. Colourful and optimistic like yours :)

Meg said...

I just love your studio, so much colors no wonder you can create such amazing goodies!

I BLEED PINK said...

OMC, I love everything on this post.

Anonymous said...

Your home is sooo cute! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I am jealous of all your pretty yarn and fabric! :-)

kiki said...

wowzers! your space is amazing and sooo organized! very inspiring! :)

i-zilla said...

heart garland = love. i hate valentines day but i adore that garland.

Geek+Nerd said...

Ahhh! This post is so pretty/inspiring! I am failing at Style School *laughs*. Just as we started I got swamped at work, I haven't done a single project!

paperbella said...

I love it when bloggers show photos of their workspaces. While I feel like such a snoop, I really do enjoy seeing how creative other crafters can be : )

breanna said...

i am positively DROOOOOOOLING. can i please oh please move in?

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