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I was on News10 about an hour ago! I talked about Etsy, my own Etsy shop, and IndieSacramento. It was all super last minute (I had about an hour to get ready and didn't know Suzanne would be filming the segment in my apartment). Um, yeah...my apartment that is torn apart because we just got our tree today and I've spent all afternoon re-arranging furniture and dragging out Christmas ornaments. And then I guess the lighting or angle was better at Darryl's messy desk so she filmed that too!

I am really not good at speaking under pressure so it's a little awkward. Maybe a lot awkward?! They did get a lot of great product shots though so I'm really excited about it.


Shopping and Selling Local Online at Etsy.com and Indiesacramento.com
[Story by Suzanne Phan]

SACRAMENTO, CA- As scores of shoppers surf the web Cyber Monday for deals and discounts, dozens of local artists are selling their crafts online.

Amy Cluck of Carmichael has been busy selling her handmade jewelry and accessories online at Etsy.com.

"I have a button necklace and a necklace made out of vintage spools of thread." said Cluck.

Cluck's particular shop is "Peptogirl.etsy.com." She says as many as 50 local vendors are making and selling their items online at Etsy.com and Idiesacramento.com. The websites are growing in popularity.

"Etsy.com is great. There's all kinds of handmade items, unique items, terrific gifts you can buy," said Cluck. The websites are also popular with local vendors because they don't have to pay commission to sell items in stores.

While Cluck is busy selling her items online, she's also a big shopper online. "I don't have to go to the mall. I don't have to be in crowds," said Cluck. "I've bought a purse and jewelry."

Cluck says there are a lot of plusses to shopping online at Etsy.com and Indiesacramento.com.

"It's great to support local crafters and artists. It's convenient. And, you can get a unique gift."

By Suzanne Phan, sphan@ news10.net


You can also view the segment here.


Carol Anne said...

That is really cool that you got to do that!! Loved the video!

Jackie said...

Congrats! That is really exciting!

Raquel said...

Congratulations!! Love your handmade. :)

Tolé Tolé

Judith Cebreros said...

That's so cool! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Go on with your bad self!!!

Movie this weekend?

WhoaMama! said...

I think you did great! I would have been stuttering and bright red! LOL
Hope it brings you some new business! :)

The Coconut Shack said...

That's awesome! Hopefully your sales have grown too since this segment! I just discovered your blog and am totally enjoying it :D

Rain said...

Congratulations Amy! Way to go! :D

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