Bazaar Bizarre wrap-up

Jenn and I headed to San Francisco on Friday afternoon. After getting checked into our hotel, she headed off to Oakland for a concert while I wandered around Downtown SF. I had forgotten how much I love the city. With all it's tall buildings and the hustle and bustle, it's pretty magical.

On Saturday, we headed over to Golden Gate Park for Bazaar Bizarre.







I was so busy, I didn't get around to taking any photos of the other booths, but there are a few favorites I'd like to share.

pretty handspun yarn by Jenn

I got to meet Kelso from Kelso Doesn't Dance and the Long Beach Craft Mafia. Aren't her roll up shopping bags smart?

Karrie at Girl on the Rocks was sweet enough to give me an owl embroidery floss organizer (similar to this one). So cute! I need to snap a photo once I get un-packed.

Here's a couple of my favorite items that are for sale in her Etsy shop.

Bazaar Bizarre was terrific! I was expecting a much smaller turnout on Sunday (my experience from previous shows) but there was a really great crowd BOTH days - despite rain and fog even. It was my best show yet! A big thank you to the organizers because they really did an amazing job.

Oh, and I had fish & chips on Saturday night so I got my seafood after all. There's still so much to tell but I'll get to that later.


Megan said...

Looks like you had a blast! I wish there were things like that around where I live! It looks like your booth was the most colorful one of all! Have a wonderful and creative week! Take care.


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