I survived!

Gosh, I can't believe this but I didn't even get a picture of my pies this year. I feel like such a bad blogger. Of course there's always the photos of last year's pies. This year's pies look pretty much exactly the same. HA!

We had Thanksgiving at my Aunt's house this year but I also like to cook my own Thanksgiving at home (turkey sandwiches for days...yum). Since I spent the night at my parent's house AND since I've had a full day of shopping and haven't got around to preparing my brine yet, I've decided to cook tomorrow.

Thanksgiving 2009

My sister and I ventured to the mall at Midnight (yes, the night of Thanksgiving). Weren't store hours just crazy insane this year??? I realize we were contributing to the insanity but since when do you get to shop the mall at Midnight, much less 2am? Well, the appeal wore off quickly and we were on the road back to my parent's house by 1am for a nap.

We woke up again in time to hit up our traditional stop by 4am. My dad came with us, per tradition, and per tradition we stopped at Starbucks along the way for Peppermint Mochas. Our first stop: JCPennys to obtain our yearly snowglobe.

[photo source]

holiday love
My little collection (on the shelves behind Santa).

I now have 8 YEARS worth of snowglobes. It's crazy, but I always felt like we've shared some special family bonding on Black Fridays.

For those of you who didn't head out and are wondering about the deals, I have to say that I did a lot of shopping but not a whole lot of buying. I've found that stores are giving away lots of $10 coupons this year (some with no spending limit) so I've been sneaky, buying things that are $20 and less so I end up shelling out no more than $10 per store. Most of my gifties will be handmade anyway.

Speaking of gifts, I've got a few ideas coming up... We'll see how much energy I have to post them after my turkey dinner tomorrow... Until then -- I hope you had a special and thankful holiday and survived the crowds as well as I did.


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