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After seeing these adorable headbands, I got an idea of how to make a similar headband -- no knitting or crochet experience needed. I think these make a terrific gift for young girls, teens, girlfriends, etc. Plus yarn seems to be especially trendy right now (maybe it's a winter thing?) so they're really a perfect gift.

easy i-cord headbands


* a knitting spool
* yarn (a stiffer yarn works best)
* plastic headbands
* yarn needle

Clover Wonder Knitter
I used the Clover Wonder Knitter, which I noticed got great reviews on a couple of other blogs. If you are in the market for a knitting loom, I highly recommend this one. I've noticed that Clover offers some of the best yarn tools out there. Their instructions, however, leave something to be desired -- which is why I am including instructions below. You can probably adapt these instructions to any other knitting loom, just keep in mind that you'll need to rotate the loom yourself (this one comes with a rotating disk). For more info on knitting spools or "knitting nancys" as they're called, check out THE LOST ART OF KNITTING NANCYS. And if you don't want to buy the tool, you can make your own knitting loom.

Clover Wonder Knitter: step 1
Place the end of yarn down the tube.

Clover Wonder Knitter: step 2
Wrap the yarn around each peg in a counter-clockwise motion.

Clover Wonder Knitter: step 3
Turn wheel clockwise so that the yarn crosses over each peg.

Clover Wonder Knitter: step 3 continued
Pull the bottom loop up over the top strand of yarn, and off of the peg. Continue to rotate the wheel repeating this step for each peg.

Continue until you think you have enough length to cover a headband, then follow the instructions below to cast off.

Clover Wonder Knitter: final step
After following the instructions in the diagram, you will end up with a long skinny piece of knitted i-cord, with a tail of yarn at each end. Pull the tail of yarn at one end to tighten. This will sort of close up this end. Carefully push the headband inside the center of the i-cord through the one open end. Work the headband into the i-cord so that the headband is completely wrapped and you have a good fit. Now pull the yarn tail of the open end to close it as well.

Using a yarn needle, work the tails of the yarn back into the i-cord. Weave the ends over and under the stitches near the bottom of the headband so that there is more reinforcement and the bottom of the headband does not poke through. If you need to, add some fabric glue or stiffener to the ends.

easy i-cord headbands
Stitch on some buttons or a knitted or crocheted circle or flower, using embroidery floss. You may have to wrap the floss around the headband for added stability (as opposed to stitching the buttons to individual strands of yarn). I think they look nice plain as well.

Tip: Choose colors and embellishments to compliment the person you are making the gift for. It makes the gift that much more special!


Carol Anne said...

This is a great tutorial! I have seen that loom. I may have to get one sometime now! These headbands are super cute!!

lauren said...

Those are too cute, Amy! I love the one with the crocheted flower.

fggfhfg said...

I'm another pink lover in Sacramento. I just discovered your site this morning and had a very nice visit. You are super creative and I would love to find out more about Indie Sacramento. I use my machine instead of handwork but create embroidery designs, quilt, and am super crafty too! Deb Hicks

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