furniture love

Today I am dreaming of...

a Formica table in yellow or aqua

and a cabinet with tapered legs

that I would decorate with colorful dishes and Pyrex, like this:

or this:

Are you dreaming of new old furniture too?


Carrie said...

I have that first cabinet (it does not have the glass) but it is it for sure!

Love the tables we had one and I got rid of it ran out of room now I miss it so bad.

♥ Carrie

Jodz said...

You are wanting the same furniture as me. I am often found browsing the internet auctions trying to track them down.

Geek+Nerd said...

Love the furniture choices! Definitely right up my alley!

Kelly said...

Love that 2nd cabinet! and the retro tables are great, would love those in the kitchen sooo much:) this post made me smile and think of my Grandma's kitchen...

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