I did it!

After countless hours of practicing, a 2-hour crochet session with the future MIL, 6 YouTube videos and 8 blog tutorials, I finally completed ONE granny square.

my first granny square

One of the hardest parts is that I used different resources to help me understand parts of each tutorial that I found confusing. But it seems that everyone makes their granny squares a little different so it doesn't always work out well...I found the blog tutorials MOST helpful as the YouTube videos went to fast.

I found this tutorial to be very helpful as well as this one.

The part that really confused me after getting the initial rounds down is the part where you are supposed to slip stitch over to the corner. I found this tutorial extremely helpful as far as figuring out where I needed to start the new round, plus it was really helpful in teaching me how to do color change.

Other recommendations:

* I bought less "fuzzy" yarn but was still having problems 'til my future MIL gave me some yarn to work with. I found medium worsted 100% acrylic worked well for learning. Look for yarn that has a little bit of stiffness to it. I know the softer yarns are so much more appealing but a little bit of stiffness helps your stitches maintain more structured shapes, which helped while learning.

* After you make the slip stitch to create your initial ring, try to keep your finger in the hole so you don't forget where it is. Make sure you do your double crochets into that hole. Pretty soon it'll be well-formed and you won't have to keep your finger there.

* Get someone to help you if possible. That really helped me to see how the grannies are "built."

Now I just hope I don't forget it all tomorrow!


Carrie said...


I hope you have a great weekend!

kiki said...

i'm so gld you did it! i'm still working on it, and have been using many sources...hopefully soon i'll figure it out. i will have a look at the sites you used! thanks!

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