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I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday and then later realized that what I thought was allergies was really a cold. Yesterday was also one of the first chilly mornings we've had so I suppose it seems fitting. We've decorated the apartment with Halloween decorations and I've been burning pumpkin spice candles like crazy.

My sewing machine and I got into a disagreement (and have yet to make up) and I haven't made much progress on my granny squares so I'm a bit behind on my RVA projects. I did finish the painted mug project though. The "love you a latte" mug is my favorite.

project 8: hand-painted dishes

project 8: hand-painted dishes

project 8: hand-painted dishes

I also started the domesticated kitchen set but have yet to finish. I got so far as the dish towel.

project 7: domesticated kitchen set

I used to own a dish towel with this saying but couldn't find a replacement online or anywhere. So I designed my own embroidery pattern and made one instead! Still working on the pot holder and oven mitt.

P.S.) I listed a whole Autumn-themed set of embroidery patterns in my Etsy shop, if you're interested.

Can't wait for some pumpkin pie. For now I'll settle for a bowl of hot soup and a nap.


Carrie said...

so cute I love the mugs! Get well soon

Vera said...

looks all very cute :)

Pink Petunia Designs said...

cute! You should start selling sets of these little mugs!

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