blog makeover & a free pattern for you

Okay, so I know I change the look of my blog just about every month but I think I finally have one that I really, really like. I love doodling and then turning my doodles into little digital illustrations (these often become embroidery patterns). Speaking of embroidery patterns...

Since I already have my new blog buttons drawn in Illustrator, I decided to take my favorites and offer them as a free embroidery pattern collection called My favorite Things.

download the pattern here

* If you are having trouble opening the PDF file, you can download the latest version of Acrobat Reader for free here.

You can save the pattern and print it when you're ready to start stitching. I only ask that you don't sell what you make from my patterns. Feel free to use them as often as you like for yourself and as gifts. I'd love to see what you come up with! In fact, I created a peptogirl flickr group in hopes that people will join and upload their photos.

If you haven't used digital embroidery patterns before, here are some suggestions for transferring the images to fabric:

* Trace the selected image with an iron-on transfer pen or pencil.

* If using light-weight, light-colored fabric, you can tape the pattern to a window, hold your fabric over the pattern, and trace directly onto the fabric using a fabric pen or pencil. If you have a light box, use that instead! Or shine a light under a glass table.

* Trace the pattern onto a piece of light-weight tear-away stabilizer. Pin the stabilizer to your fabric and stitch through both the fabric and stabilizer. When you are finished stitching, tear away the stabilizer to reveal your finished embroidery on fabric. This is a particularly helpful method if embroidering on felt!

I'll stitch a couple of these up and share my results later this week. Enjoy!


Carrie said...

so cute! I love the new look I new a new look bad!

Have a great day!

I think am going to do the i ♥ coffee one


Carol Anne said...

Thanks for the cute embroidery pattern! I will have to stitch up some of those sometime! (When I have less projects on the table ha!)

I noticed your new blog makeover yesterday. I really like it! I think it looks really nice!

DollFace Delights said...

The new blog look is very cute. I need to do something with mine!

kiki said...

those sketches are lovely! i can't wait until i have some free time to try them out!

Emma said...

I am LOVING the new blog design. Just gorgeous.


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Your blog ALWAYS looks great. It's so much fun here! And I love how many of my favorite things are in this pattern, it's wonderful! I'll be linking.

Peptogirl said...

YAY! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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