Apple Hill and rain storms

The bf and I took a trip to Apple Hill yesterday. My parents used to take my sister and I to Apple Hill with my Grams every Autumn. And Grams loved the apple donuts from High Hill Ranch. The past couple of years, I've gone with Darryl but I always bought a dozen donuts to bring back to Grams. Yesterday we ate apple donuts in her honor.

We also got hot coffee drinks, visited the craft vendors, and bought tons of apples for apple pie and a half gallon of cider, which I have been savoring. Today was our first big storm of the season. The electricity kept going out (probably about 12 times) so I finally gave up on my computer and curled up with a warm mug of cider and crafted.

hot apple cider

hot apple cider

I finished my reusable tote, a project for the RVA Autumn class. The pattern is by Elsie. I choose similar colors to hers because I liked the combo so much (duh! pink).

stitched reusable tote

I finished my oven mitt a couple days ago too. I think my sewing still needs some work, but I'm going to blame it on my machine.

domesticated kitchen set

I hear Sacramento isn't the only place getting rain today. Hope all of you out in blogland are staying dry.


Carrie said...

so cute I love it all try to stay dry its raining like crazy here too!

Carol Anne said...

I really like your tote! I like the colors! And that mug is awesome! I have a thing for cute mugs!

Take a look at my blog. I have an award for you! :)

pinksuedeshoe said...

Um, that is I think the cutest oven mitt and towel I've seen yet! Love the embroidery, and the rick rack and the ruffle! LOVE!

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