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The Autumn RVA class has officially begun! There's still a few spots open if you hurry. I just finished the first project: embroidery hoop mini album.

project 1: embroidery hoop mini album

Since I don't have any little ones, the mini book is all about my kitty cats, Morgan and Marshmallow. Hopefully it's not too crazy-cat-lady! Also, I think I found the secret to scrap-booking. Keep piling on embellishments until you're happy with the look. And on the up side, I am finally putting my craft stash to use.

project 1: embroidery hoop mini album

Happy Friday!


Sarah said...

OMG I love that! Um so I have two cats too and totally want to steal your idea! I am always looking for new ways to scrapbook. How did you connect them?

Peptogirl said...

You are totally welcome to use my idea!

I wanted all the pages to attach together like a book instead of having all the pages sit inside. I used a circle cutter to cut out the cardstock circles (sooo much easier if you have one). My cardstock was kind of thin, so I decided I'd glue two circles back to back. I decorated all of the pages before gluing them.

Then I cut a strip of felt for each page (all the same size) and when I went to glue the backs of the two cardstock circles together, I glued one end of the felt strip between them. After I did this to all my pages, making sure the felt strips lined up on all the pages (they kind of look like felt tabs at this point) I hole-punched a hole in each felt strip so I could string them all together. Then I strung the whole thing together with yarn, including the embroidery hoops.

Um, hope that wasn't too confusing! I'll try to post a picture that shows the tabs - maybe that'll help ;)

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