Here's the larger version of the thought bubble chalkboard. I bought the particle board thought bubble at Michael's on clearance, along with some chalkboard paint. I'd been wanting one forever but didn't have a place to hang it. Then when I saw the supplies on clearance, I thought it would be perfect for listing IndieSacramento's craft university schedule — because the supplies were almost as cheap as plain posterboard and it would be re-usable... Needless to say, I found a place to hang it when I'm not using it for IndieSac!

(Please excuse the awful wall light - we're renting!)

If you like this but can't find the supplies at your local craft store (or don't want to go through the trouble of painting), you can get purchase this lovely from RVA:

find it here.

My mom recently bought me the perfect picture frame for a set of trailer photos I took.

I took the trailer photos (in the middle) at Larson's Landing at Dillon Beach. What I wouldn't do for a vintage trailer by the beach. *sigh* The postcards (on either side) are by roadside photographs. I bought them at a local craft fair and have been meaning to hang them for the longest time. I think they go perfect with the trailers.

I also rearranged this wall a bit. Click on the photo for notes on where the prints and pillows are from.

wall art

Now a few photos from my bedroom...

(spray painted thrifted frames)

(click on the photo for notes)



squirrel necklace holder by Mary Beth's Art: www.marybethsart.com.

wall art
(spray painted thrifted frames)

And a project that you could do at home...

upcycled antlers
I got the idea from matirose and her lovely display at Renegade craft fair.

*Please note, these are found antlers, I do not condone killing deer for use of their antlers. You can often find antlers in thrift stores, at yard sales, etc. and this is meant to be a re-use/ recycle project. The antlers I found happened to have a hole on each side. I suppose you could drill holes with a Dremel or a drill, if needed. I painted and sealed a plaque from my local craft supply store, then attached the antlers with screws, which I later painted pink to match the plaque. I also attached a picture hanger to the back for an instant necklace holder.

Sorry, these photos aren't the best. I should have taken them in daylight but you get the idea...


emma said...

wow, bit of a pink theme in your house! love it!

you have some gorgeous stuff!


3 o'clock walk said...

Looks great. I have a whole bunch of pics and frames that I am too lazy to hang. But yours look amazing! Kudos!

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