hello weekend!

Sadly, I missed a good friend's bachelorette party and wedding shower recently. Happily, she still had a condo in Tahoe reserved as a possible bachelorette party location, therefore a bunch of us girls are heading up there for the weekend. Since I missed out on the previous treats, I decided to make some to bring along.


Christina's wedding color is "pool blue" (aka aqua) and I guess she's still deciding on a second color...so I decided for her. Pool blue and sea green it is! I even made little favor bags with M&Ms.




I want to share how I decorated the cupcakes because I think they are the perfect cupcakes for a shower (wedding or baby) and they were surprisingly easy to make. I used the peanut butter cupcake with chocolate glaze recipe from Cupcakes!, but you can use a boxed cake mix or any recipe you like.

I tend to get stressed out when baking, so I try to keep things simple. If you are making cupcakes with elaborate frosting or decorations, try mixing in some simpler designs. For these cupcakes, I wanted to try fondant decorations (my first time!) and found it to be pretty easy, fun, and stress-free. You can make fondant from scratch, but as a rule, I don't think fondant tastes very good. Think sugary play dough? For this reason, I decided that pre-made, rolled fondant from the craft store would suffice. I also picked up a set of tiny alphabet cookie cutters (using my 40% off coupon, of course). You can purchase these at a baking supply store, your local craft store (try the baking or polymer clay aisle), or online.

You can buy rolled fondant in a few different colors, none of which were quite right for this weekend. Instead, I purchased icing color (a fancy name for food coloring?) in my desired colors. I added a few drops to the rolled fondant at a time and kneaded the colors into the dough. I added a drop or two of the green dye to the blue fondant to make it more aqua and vise-versa to get a more sea-foamy green.


Roll out the fondant, using a rolling-pin. Roll it out to your desired thickness. I found 1/4 of an inch was a good thickness.

Now use the fondant cutters (aka mini cookie cutters) to cut out your desired letters and shapes. I choose to use the bride and groom's initials, plus some hearts and flowers (did I mention they're getting married in Hawaii?).


Don't be afraid to layer.


And there you go, party-ready cupcakes that are sure to earn you the hostess-with-the-mostess award!


I'm off to go pack!


Purplelotusblossom said...

I can't wait to eat them! You're the bestest ever!:)

Stacey B said...

Super cute, the fondant is adorable.

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