Friday = pancakes for dinner!

Okay, not the healthiest but Darryl requested pancakes for dinner so who am I to say no? Besides, I rarely get my act together in time to make them for breakfast so pancakes for dinner it is!


My family has always made the Bisquick pancakes (add milk and eggs) and I've learned a few tricks to make them even yummier. I always add a few dashes of cinnamon, a small handful of sugar (or brown sugar), and a couple of teaspoons of vanilla. I also keep the milk handy. If the batter is too thick, you can add a little extra milk and that way you don't get those super puffy pancakes that soak up all your syrup, like a sponge. You want the batter to spread easily when you pour it in the pan.

If you want to make pancakes with faces, just like my Grams used to make, then pour the batter in an easy to manage container like a small and light measuring cup.


Use a spoon to "draw" a face with the batter, in a pre-heated pan. I always spray my pan with cooking spray beforehand to prevent pancake-sticking.


After you've made the face, wait for a few seconds (I dunno, maybe 30 seconds?) 'til the "face" part of the pancake seems like it's cooked just a little bit. Then proceed to pour on the rest of the batter to make the rest of the pancake.


I quickly tilt the pan right and left and even shake it a little to get a nice even distribution of batter. Your batter spreads out more that way too so your pancakes won't be so puffy. Fluffy is good. Puffy is bad. In my book at least.


Wait for bubbles to form. Don't try to flip your pancake before that point. It's not ready! After the bubbles begin to form and pop, you may check the color of your pancake and flip when it is to your liking. Let the opposite side cook until it is at your liking.


You can make cuter faces, of course, if you aren't trying to make them one-handed while snapping photos.

This one kind of looks like a pumpkin-head.


Plate and serve with butter, syrup, and fresh fruit. Kids (of ALL ages) will love them. Enjoy!


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