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I'm busy going through millions and millions of photos these days. I love this one of my grandma. It looks like it must be her wedding shower.

my Grams

We had Grams' service on Friday in Willits. I made chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars, and green stuff. I used Bakerella's chocolate chip cookie recipe and it's definitely a keeper. She doesn't specify whether to use milk or semi-sweet chips. I used half of each and I think they came out perfect. Nice and chewy too.

I also spoke during the service. If you don't mind, I'd like to post my speech. I think everyone should know what a neat lady my Grams was.

Gram's 71st birthday

So here goes...

When I think of Grams, I think of flowers and bright colors. Black didn't seem like the right color for me to wear today. I thought about why and about how black is the color of mourning. But I'm not mourning today. I'm celebrating. I'm celebrating the life of my Grams and all that she was. I hope you will join me.

I should start off by telling you how Grams got her name. From an early age, I knew grandma and grandpa were not ordinary grandparents. So instead of grandma and grandpa, I began calling them Grams and Gramps. I remember Grams asking me once why I thought she was a Grams. I thought for a moment and then answered matter-of-factly "because Grams are weird." Over the years, I have expanded my definition of a Grams and I'd like to share that definition with you now.

First of all, unlike grandmas, Grams NEVER buy you socks and underwear. On second thought, sometimes they DO buy you socks but only the silliest and most unpractical socks. Grams buy the fun presents. They buy the presents your parents won't buy. They especially like to buy the noisy presents.

Grams like to dance and sing and aren't afraid to be silly.

Grams play skee-ball. And let YOU spend the tickets.

Grams make orange (and sometimes root beer) floats.

Grams say it's okay to eat strawberry shortcake for breakfast.

Grams teach you how to bake Christmas cookies.

Grams wear nightgowns that say "Wild Thing."

Grams buy Happy Meals. Especially when they come with Beanie Babies. And sometimes they just buy Beanie Babies.

Grams always have well-stocked candy jars and make pancakes with faces.

Grams like frogs. Or at least they pretend they like frogs to humor their Grams' Kids.

When you ask how a Grams is, she tells you "mean and miserable."

Grams don't just own books. They own a whole library.

Grams love flowers and lemon-lime cake in the summer.

Grams make a food called "green stuff." And her Grams' Kids eat it. AND like it.

Grams love their Grams Kids "a bushel and a peck."

And lastly, the #1 thing a Grams likes to do is spoil her Grams' Kids.

Today I asked you to celebrate because my Grams is not gone. She'll live on forever in the hearts of her 6 grandchildren. There will be a little piece of her in every Christmas cookie, in every pancake with a face, and in every bite of green stuff. And if we're lucky, some day our grandchildren will call us Grams too.

Then the 6 grandkids (err...Grams' Kids) took a group photo:


Thanks for listening and for all of the sweet comments. I hope to get back to more crafty stuff soon...


emma said...

Thank you for posting your speech, that was really beautiful. I've never met you or your Gram but that brought a tear to my eye. I'm sure she would have been very proud of you!

Geek+Nerd said...

Oh that made me tear up. Your Grams sounded like a special lady. I love that smile in her first photo! I lost both of my "Grams" last year (Memeres in my family) and I miss them both so much. You are so right though - their specialness lives on through us!

Pink Petunia Designs said...

That was really nice Amy!

Katie Trott said...

I'm glad that you shared this Amy. And posted such great pictures. I love that you didn't wear black! At my grandma's funeral, my older sister wore red. I think she had the same idea, to celebrate :)

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