Taking a vacation

Okay, I'm hardly taking a vacation but I'm feeling overwhelmed and need a little break from emails and design work and custom orders and emails (it's no accident emails are listed twice).

I'm closing up the office for a few weeks so I apologize if I don't get to your emails right away. If you would like to view listings of upcoming craft shows or have a craft show to list (in the Sacramento area), please visit The Craft Connection Blog. Lots of people have been emailing asking for craft show advice so I'm thinking of writing a post (or two or three) so I can save time by directing people to my blog. But, until then... I really do want to support the other events out there, I'm just feeling overwhelmed at the moment and don't have the time to help.

I know I also promised an Etsy update after Renegade and I promise it's coming...just not this month. For now, just know I'm spending tons of time with family, sharing lots of laughter and tears. I will be back, hopefully better than ever, as soon as I can.

Thank you for understanding! I'll update you all on everything that's been going on in my life soon.

<3 Amy


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