Renegade Recap

Wow, what an amazing weekend. There were so many awesome vendors there. I had a hard time even getting around to say hi to all the crafty peoples that I know, let alone visit all of the new ones!

Jenn and I have been craft show buddies before, so I was excited that she was able to come vend with me. We had a blast sharing yummy food, funny stories, and laughing about the noisy hotel we stayed in (fog horn + seagulls + loud drunk people)...though I don't think either of us noticed the noise the second night, we were so tired. I was super excited that my grams got to come by and visit for a bit.



Here's a photo of Jenn's set up. She sold out of hats and her coffee sweaters were super popular. She was hurrying to knit some more during the show.


Mary Beth from Mary Beth's Art was one of the first vendors I got to meet. I could see her colorful display from my booth and had to get a closer look. It's hard to see in this photo but those colorful things on the right-hand side are actually brightly colored bunnies on plaques. They're for hanging your jewelry on. Brilliant! I snagged myself a pink squirrel because I'm a little more partial to squirrels than bunnies.


I also got to meet Twinkie Chan for the second time. The first time was in November at You Baz, where she purchased one of my sweater clips.


The highlights of my weekend were:

1. Meeting Cathy of California again and having her tell me that SHE gets a lot of hits from my owl sunglass case tutorial. That seriously made my day.

2. Snagging a seriously discounted pink cupcake scarf from Twinkie Chan and then proceeding to wear it around all day because I knew once we got back to Sacramento it would be 105 degrees (not exactly scarf weather).

3. Meeting Annie and Eric of 3 Fish Studios and having them share their beer! We couldn't have asked for nicer booth neighbors! Plus I think the crowds around their booth brought some traffic our way. They both create some really amazing paintings and prints!

4. Meeting Melisser of The Urban Housewife. Better than that, Melisser purchased one of my mini canvas paintings!!! She's opening a bakery and plans to have a whole wall dedicated to cupcake art. How awesome is that??? I am SO going to SF again to visit the Sugar Beat Sweets Bakery.

5. Chatting with amazing craft vendors, some who I've met previously and many who I met for the first time. There are SO many talented artists out there. I also noticed the show included a number of talented print artists. I could have covered my walls from floor to ceiling!

Here are some photos of our booth:












My camera battery was dying so a lot of my photos of other vendor booths came out blurry, but there were some REALLY amazing displays. My all-time favorite was the Small Stump booth. I'm hoping they post some photos of their display on their blog because it was truly amazing!

I think I'm off to bed for tonight. I've got a busy week ahead of me!


Angie said...

Thanks for posting all of the pics of your setup. I love seeing how everyone sets up their booths at shows. It gives me hope for when I finally get the guts to do my first one!

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