Friday night crafting

I finally finished putting these together:

love bus pillow kit

They're not for sale just yet. I'm taking them with me to San Francisco next weekend. Oh, and I improved the pattern a bit from the original. The wheels are more 3-D looking and the bumper is more realistic now. I'm hoping I'll have time to stitch up the revised version but I doubt it.

love bus patters VW Love Bus


Alexa said...

This is awesome. You should be really proud of your hard work. You embroidery patterns are great. I think you are really onto something!!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY these are perfect!! I love them! I've always wanted aVW bus ever since I was really young (I'm 14 now) and I've been asking my parents for forever for one for my 16th birthday :) I love this! Great job.

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