Friday loves

<3 pink bicycles

bicycle print by Jessica Rose

<3 felt

felt goodies by Lupin

Oh, and I love that the Peptogirl factory (aka sweatshop) has resumed business.

New button necklaces are in progress.

And a little sneak peak...
of some super-cute craft kits that will be coming soon.

Happy Friday!


Melissa Haworth said...

those kits look awesome!

Marisunnychan said...

those kits are ultra cute!
Thanks for the bike post, really liked it!

vol25 said...

Thanks for the blog love!! Your much too kind! ;)

btw- I attempted my first jello cale this year. It was fun, and you posting the recipe gave me the boost I needed to try it. YUMMY it was!

taylah_ said...

yay! these are THE best car in the world.

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