Music Fest wrap-up

This past Saturday was the SN&R's Music Fest / SAMMIES (Sacramento Area Music Awards). It was a really fun event but super-hot. I mean HOT. I drank 3 waters, a Vitamin Water, Gatorade, a Diet Coke, and an Italian Ice. And I was STILL thirsty. And, unfortunately, people were more interested in the beer garden than crafts. We did get to listen to some really awesome bands though.

IndieSac / Craft-U booth

class schedule

Craft-U booth

I taught a class...err...well, I taught Stacey how to make Perler bead jewelry...

Perler ring

Perler bead jewelry class

I got to take photos of some of my new products...

mini paintings

hand-painted canvas bag

hand-painted canvas bag

feather earrings

hand-painted coin purses

hand-painted canvas bag

hand-painted plaques

I got to show off my new banner...

Pepto booth

I got to show the girls from Dog Party how to make record bowls (wish I had Stacey snap a photo of that)...

record bowl class

AND I got to hang out with three lovely crafty ladies, Kenna, Kristyn, and Stacey. So, I guess I had a pretty productive night after all!


Pink Petunia Designs said...

O.k. can I just say how stinkin cute that handbag is! " Will work for coffee and craft supplies" That sums me up in a nut shell.

ilovetocreate said...

I love it too. I may just have to get that one from you.

You know too that anytime you use our paints I'll promote the heck out of your stuff, so let me know :)

Peptogirl said...

I know! It's been sooo long since I've used fabric paints (I was into them big time in the 80s) that I didn't even think of them 'til you asked! I bought myself a pack of Tulip paints so I'll try them out on the next round =)

Geek+Nerd said...

Ha! The coffee and craft supplies tote is AWESOME!

Evie's Ark, All Things Animal said...

That day was horribly hot! I spent it sweating in the Side Show Studios booth!

Btw - Love the bead ring!!!

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