bugs can be cute too

I've been busy working on a few design projects this week. Here's one I just finished. I did a little blog makeover and banner design for my buddy and IndieSac cohort, Stacey. I'm still working on adjusting the spacing on the sidebar but other than that, it's finished.

Pill's Place blog banner

Stacey's blog is called Pill's Place, which comes from the nickname Pillworm (read more about her nickname here). Naturally, Stacey wanted a pillworm (aka rolly polly) on her new blog banner. But not just any pillworm — a pillworm that's knitting and lounging in bed! Yikes - talk about a challenge. Don't these people know I only draw owls and cupcakes???! Seriously.

Well, lucky for both of us, I rose to the challenge. I'm pretty proud of myself, considering the subject matter. To celebrate, Stacey is giving away a free knitted item on her blog! Just visit this post and leave her a comment with any nicknames you have!


Stacey B said...

I haven't seen you enter the contest yet! Thanks for the blog post again :) and all the blog updating!

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