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UPDATE: I forgot to mention where I order my business cards from. I have ordered from gotprint.net on many occasions and have always been really happy with the result. They have extremely competitive prices and great quality products. P.S.) Their banners are great (and cheap) so if you need a banner for your booth, they are the place to go!


I received my new business cards today! I splurged on rounded corners — you can see both the front and back sides below. It's hard to tell from the photos, but they are hot pink and shiny.

I think they're fitting. I'm trying to keep with the tagline that Tamie gave me last year (kitschy + cute + fun). I think it sums up my style nicely!

new business cards!

Then, I took Lauren's advice and ordered myself a custom rubber stamp from these people.

new logo stamp!

Now all I need are address labels (which I can print myself) and I'm all set!


Ashley Brooke said...

the rounded corners were so worth it! I love the cards and the stamp. Beautiful!

Katie Trott said...

it's all so cute! (and kitschy, and fun too).

Blue Bicicletta said...

Gorgeous business cards!!! I've always wanted to splurge on rounded corners--I might just have to do it once I push through this box of cards.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

oooh I love the rounded corners!

Alexa said...

This makes me really happy!!

This is why I think we design kinda alike...check out mine :)


One Happy Tree said...

Where did you get the rounded corners business cards???!!! I love them and I must have them!!! They look awesome. The stamp is great too :)


Peptogirl said...

Oh, I should have said where I order from. I use gotprint.net. I've ordered numerous things from them and have always been happy with the quality and I haven't found better prices.

I think the rounded corners were like $14 extra (yikes!) but the total price was still totally reasonable so I went for it.

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Your cards are very cute! I need to make some new fun cards. Thanks for the inspiration:-)

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