Maker Faire this weekend!

Thanks for all the sweet comments and virtual hugs. It was a tough week and they really did help. You really know who your true friends are by those that are there for you during the hard times. Speaking of friends, my buddy Stacey knew I wanted to go to Maker Faire this weekend and won me a FREE ticket through Etsy. How awesome is that?!

Tickets are normally $25 at the gate. There's so much cool stuff to see and do that it's totally worth it, but $25 is a lot to an unemployed person so I REALLY appreciate the free ticket. Thank you, Stacey!!!

I've had the privileged of vending the past couple of years but didn't apply this year. I think it will be fun to go as a spectator for once.

I'm really excited for all the make & takes, demos, and Bazaar Bizarre. See you there?!


Karin said...

I did not make it in this year but my good friend and collaboration partner was able to find her way in.
Look for Jen at Starving Artist Bazaar while you are there.
She makes the prettiest glass beads. She will be selling some of our collaboration jewelry too!
check her out!

~blossom shop~

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