Maker Faire fun

I had an awesome time at Maker Faire on Saturday. Thanks again, Stacey for the free ticket! How cool was it when I went up to will call and said "I'm with Etsy!" Um, okay so I didn't say it like that but it was still cool. Oh, and I saved a bundle on parking by following the signage when I got off the freeway. I was able to park for only $2 and rode a shuttle to the front gate. Supposedly, it was only a 15 minute walk but I had to pee so bad once I got there that I opted to take the shuttle. The wait time for the shuttles wasn't bad at all though - totally worth it! My feet hurt so bad when I was leaving that I took the shuttle back to my car as well. Note to self: wear more comfortable shoes next time!

There was so much to do and see, I don't think I managed to see half of everything. The techy stuff is cool but I spent the majority of my time exploring the craft booths.

Maker Faire

First off, I drove to Maker Faire by myself. It was a little strange but I do enjoy going places by myself and I wanted to take my time perusing the crafts and chatting with other crafters so this trip was no boys allowed. I'm actually glad I went alone because it gave me plenty of time to hang out with Alexa of The Swell Life and ILovetoCreate. It was SO awesome to finally meet her in person! She also hooked me up with a Crafty Chica bobble head! How awesome is that?!!

Crafty Chica bobblehead!

While I was there I got to say hi to Cathy (aka the Crafty Chica). The photo in the top left of the collage above is her teaching a demo on how-to multiply the use of your craft supplies. I also ran into Yoli and Krissi and got to chat with them for a bit.

After checking out all the fun demos, make and takes, and craft supplies, I headed over to the Bazaar Bizarre building. I realized later that I didn't take any photos of the craft vendors. It was SO crowded and I'm kind of shy about taking photos of people so I guess I didn't think of it until later. It was really cool to go around and talk to the vendors (I don't get much of a chance to do that during IndieSac). I was surprised at how many of the vendors I knew.

I did make a couple of purchases, seeing as I saved so much money on admission and parking.

Bizarre Bazaar loot!

Log kit by My Imaginary Boyfriend, www.myimaginaryboyfriend.com and scissors cozy from Bossa Nova Baby, www.bossanovababy.com

Check out my Flickr for more photos!


kawaii crafter said...

I attended the Maker Faire too and just loved it.

And what a cute scissor cozy, how did I miss that?

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