Is felt washable?

This is a question I've pondered on more than one occasion. I absolutely LOVE the color and texture of felt but I'm afraid to use it in many projects because I wasn't sure how "washable" it is. Luckily, April from Felt-o-rama has subsided my fears by machine-wash testing a few different varieties of felt on her blog.

P.S.) I don't remember if I ever shared this, but I've ordered from Felt-o-rama in the past and was VERY pleased with my purchase. The customer service was great and I received my order promptly. I was also pleased by the presentation - the felt was rolled up in neat little rolls, tied with a ribbon and tag. Isn't this sweet?

Felt-o-rama felt


Felt-o-rama said...

Hi Amy - So glad that you enjoyed the latest 'felt experiments'! Thanks for the kind words about Felt-o-rama. Your post just made my day :)

Marlene said...

ou ultimately choose for your projects. I am looking to make a purchase thanks to your blog!

Eryka's Place said...

This as agreat article and very useful. I am guessing that as felt is washable, colour running is not an issue. i want to put felt appliques on a baby blanket.

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