Busy Bee

Crafting is on hold! There is SO much work to be done to get ready for IndieSacramento's May Market. It's all coming together nicely and I'm crossing to-do items off my list as we speak!

Here is what I'm looking forward to working on, if I can ever got caught up on my "work":

* finishing up some fun projects for the RVA class, including a collage of framed artwork for my wall
* working on some new products (pssstt...they're textile & embroidery related!)
* a website re-design and overhaul

Oh yeah, and I still have a couple more design projects that I promised friends long ago! Gotta get back to work...hope there's time for crafting again soon!


Ashley Brooke said...

Ugh! Somehow I have missed finding your site throughout the whole RVA class until tonight! I am so glad to have found you finally! I can't thank you enough for leaving your comment with answers to the questions about the class. I love your blog and am jealous that you get to take part in a "real live" indie design scene. Adding you to my Bloglines right now...thanks again!

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