anoither RVA project

I already showed off some of the stamps I carved for the RVA class, but here's a finished piece of art I made for my wall. As you may have guessed, I'm creating a whole collage of finished artwork from the class. I just have ONE more frame to fill and then I can start hanging everything...though I might have to wait for Darryl to step out for a bit. He HATES when I put more holes in the wall. If you saw our walls, you wouldn't blame him. Apparently I don't believe in measuring or levels, I just keep hammering new holes until I get it right. Um..yeah...our walls kinda look like swiss cheese...


Here's what I made. Check it out.

Stamp Carvin' Fun!

Stamp Carvin' Fun!


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

TheresaK said...

very cool!!

Tina said...

So sorry to hear they are missing - they are beautiful though!

Chelsea said...

Very cute, I love handmade stamps. We did this as a project back in eight grade when i was in studio art and I always to try it again. Any suggestions on where to find the materials for this?

Peptogirl said...

I purchased my materials locally. Michael's offers the supplies. They are a bit pricey so try waiting for a sale or bring a coupon. Any art store (think art supplies vs. craft supplies) should have the supplies as well and possibly even college bookstores if the college offers block printing classes. Hope that helps!

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