tap dancing pandas

don't laugh...too hard. I'm new to plushie making.

Panda Bear Plushie

Made in Rachel & Elsie's online class.


Kari said...

I love it!! So cute and adorable!

Stacey Ball said...

OMG, I soooo have to take this class next time. I think it's adorable :o)

greetingarts said...

Oh, my kids instantly fell in love! I'm sorry, I have to admit that I did laugh, but it was in a good way, I swear! :0)

ice pink stars said...

Sooooo cute! And a little pink bow! Awww :]

TheresaK said...

ADORABLE panda, would never have know it was your first plushie!! Makes me want to go make mine when i get home!!

Anonymous said...

too cute! I love the pink bow!

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