Random Creations

I got these adorable red velvet stickers at Michaels the other day. But I made a little deal with myself that I can't buy craft supplies unless I plan to use them right away. Otherwise the supplies sit in my drawers taking up space and continue to go un-used. ESPECIALLY stickers. I thought I came up with a good use for these though. I stuck them on a piece of craft wood and made a little plaque. I might hang it on the wall but I kind of like the look of it perched on my bookshelf.


I also got a couple of shaker boxers so I could steal an idea from the Hambly Screen Prints blog. These super-cute run-ons are an example of a craft supply item that was purchased a long time ago and never used. I think they make pretty cute gift boxes, don't you?



Anonymous said...

the velvet stickers are very much beautiful and they looked good on the piece of wood. the little porcupine is specially cute!

Pink Petunia Designs said...

So cute. I love the sticker idea. Good for you that you are only going to buy what you are going to use. I need to do the same.

Chrissy said...

Love the velvet sicker plaque. Love its simplicity and thing it would be perfect for someone decorating a child's room. Featured it today: www.onecraftyplace.com

dana said...

I love the velvet sticker plaque. What a cute idea. And the stickers are from Michael's??? Who would have thought?! They look like some little boutique, etsy shop.

The Underground Cupcake said...

I love how your spiced up those boxes with those cute stickers. Super simple, but looks like it took alot of time and effort.

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