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Wow, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Gosh, I guess I should catch you up on what's happened while I was away. I enjoyed the holidays quietly. I spent time with family, time lounging around, and time not on the computer. I am not usually one for New Year's resolutions but I liked last year's so much that I think I'm going to keep it for another year.

My resolution for last year was simple - to strive for quality NOT quantity - in every aspect of my life. The means, cut down on the crap I buy (better to spend money on quality items that I need). No more junk just because it's cute and cheap - it usually ends up in the thrift store pile anyway! My resolution means cutting down on my numerous endevors and making sure that the endevors I do take on are worthwhile. It means asking myself if or how _________ might benefit me BEFORE I say yes (not that I don't like doing things for others but it sometimes gets out of hand). It means saying no if I feel myself getting stretched too thin. I think I made a lot of strides in the right direction last year but I need to keep working on it! So there you go...quality not quantity.

So, right after the holidays and New Year's Resolutions, came IndieSacramento! Let me tell you, I was a bit exhausted from everything and a little less enthused about IndieSac this time around. In fact, I was so tired and wiped out that I didn't even vend. But by the time the show got going, I was energized to start planning the next show! I was so thrilled with the turn-out and the support we've received and the amazingly talented vendors. And it really goes to show that Sacramento does NEED an event like this. After all the work and stress and worry, it was all worth it! And believe me, there was stress! It seems like every time we go to plan a show there are problems and mis-communications. I supposed it's just part of the job. So, yeah, we weren't able to get into the building for the show until Friday evening and due to some mis-communications it turned out that the building had no power! Oh boy. So we swept and mopped and cleaned graffiti the best we could as it started to get dark. Then the electrician showed up (thank goodness) but he couldn't promise us heat. Actually, he couldn't promise us anything until the next day so we headed back early in the AM on Saturday to finish cleaning and to set up.

From there things started to go pretty well. We set up a hot cocoa and coffee station. Lauren baked the most amazing cupcakes. The decorations were adorable (and cheap)! You may notice the pretty polka dots on the windows in the previous post. We were ready to roll!


polka dots

Because I didn't have a booth this time, I got to make my way around, chatting with vendors. I got myself an adorable new tote (photo to come). Soon after opening, our patrons started to arrive and the day flew by. And now we're already planning for February!


Pink Petunia Designs said...

Indie Sac looked cool. I was really bummed that I missed the last two, but I am hoping to make it to the next one! Those cupcakes look delish!

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