I <3 owls

I KNOW. I KNOW. ANOTHER OWL. I just can't help myself, I love owls. I don't care if they're over-done and on their way out. I LOVE them. And I know you do too.


I'll be releasing the pattern on Pimp Stitch soon (maybe next week)?


jenn said...

Super cute!

Anonymous said...

this is a adorable owl!! and how not to love 'em?

Heather said...

Not only do I want to tell you how much I too love owls and don't care if they go out, they will be in again but thank you for turning me on to the Jenny Hart embroidery patterns. I've had much fun in the past few months sewing up a storm!

Peptogirl said...

Thanks, Heather! The above pattern is actually my own (I sell my own patterns at pimpstitch.com). Jenny Hart's patterns are great too ;)

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