Happy Birthday to me

My birthday happens one day, one hour from now. I dunno if I'm ready. I'm going to be the big 3-0!

I received the most amazing birthday gifts from Tamie and Lauren tonight.

Lauren made me the cutest tote ever! And she even printed out my little owl illustration and made a patch.


This photo was taken in my kitchen as that is the only room with enough light for a photo this time of night. The cute cupcake dish towel was an early birthday gift from my mom.


Inside the tote were one of Lauren's sewn cards and a pin-cushion kiss.


I am also now the proud owner of the world's only Roxycraft cupcake!


And then we have this running joke where we get each other supplies for learning a new craft. I've been saying I want to learn to crochet so now I have no excuses (and a pom-pom maker in case I fail)!


Spoiled, aren't I? Thanks for the gifts, girls!


Tamie Snow said...

You are very welcome! Happy 30!
We're the same age until May!

Rain said...

So AWESOME! Happy Birthday Amy!!! :) I have some cupcake earrings if you would like them...or another pair perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Amy!!! You are very lucky to have such fantastic friends!

PS. the Roxycraft cupcake is just adorable.

Katie Trott said...

Happy Birthday Amy! I thinks these girls know what you like :)

And did you know my birthday is Jan. 26! Cool huh :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to Club Thirties!

I don't comment often here but I had to chime in and tell you I am a newly introduced crochet gal. I'd be interested to here what you are starting out with! Everyone says start with dish rags. No thanks. I started with a free pattern at lionbrand.com for a dish towel. It took two weeks to figure it out and four ladies but I am half way to an awesome tea towel! Also there is a site for covered sponges and swiffer covers, let me know if you need that info!

Have fun with it and keep us informed!

Sacred Yoli said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Amy!
No worries, the 30's are smokin hot!



stina said...

happy belated birthday! you got some lovely gifts there!

good luck learning to crochet.

Lauren said...

You're very welcome, Amy. Glad you liked your gifts! Hope you had a rockin' b-day weekend (or at least got to relax ;)) See you soon.

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