IndieSacramento Wrap-up

I'm still catching up on my rest after IndieSacramento this weekend but I wanted to give you all a quick update on how it went. Tamie, Lauren, Stacey, and I were very pleased! We had just under 1,000 attend the event — and we received a positive response from vendors and attendees, alike. The decorations looked amazing (thanks to Lauren) and our bellies were filled with coffee & hot cocoa thanks to Stacey and Java City. We even received several applications for the January event this weekend — thanks to Tamie! We also owe a big thank you to Tamie's hubby for doing lots of manly stuff (helping us to clean up and set up, move heavy items, load and unload, and do stuff that required tools). I owe a big thank you to my mom and cousin for helping watch my booth and work the admissions table. There's so much more to say so I'll be sure to catch you up to speed in the coming week. For now, check us out on Good Day Sacramento:

And here's a photo of my mom and I next to my booth, by our official IndieSac photographer:

Amy and Mom

Photo by Tram Truong Photography, www.tramtruong.com

Check out more photos on my Flickr account and professional photos (woot!) taken by Tram Truong (see below) and at www.picasaweb.google.com/tramtruongphotography/.


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Big Spoon Yogurt


first entrants

Java City

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Rain said...

It was an AWESOME show Amy! You ladies did a fantastic job to make it happen! Thank You so much! :)

Sacred Yoli said...

Wow Amy, Everything looks fantastic. I wished I could have been there!

::runs to Amy's flickr::

Katie Trott said...

Great interview! It looks like there were people standing in line to get in! Great day o' fun :)

esque said...

You guys did such a great job organizing this! I'm so excited for the next show!

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