Holiday Hangover

Just a quick note to let you know I am alive and well since I've been MIA from my computer lately. Can you believe, I was in town all last week and there were a couple days when I didn't even bother to TURN ON my computer. How very un-like me. I think a little break from technology now and again is good for the soul though, don't you?

My holiday was quiet but in a nice way. I spent time with family, Darryl and the kitties. I did a little after-Christmas shopping but mostly came out empty-handed. Maybe I'm just saving my Christmas cash for IndieSacramento this Saturday?!


My only complaint is that there are oh-so-many cookies. The good news is that the numbers are dwindling and I'm giving away as many cookies as I can get away with. I just love the look of these bakery boxes. They have inspired me to make some Valentine cards using same brown recycled paper and baker's twine. Photos will follow!


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