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Martha's recipe for chocolate chip cookies.


Powdered sugar snowballs (I roll these in powdered sugar both before and after baking):


Coconut macaroons:


The World's Best Butter Cookies. I highly recommend this recipe! The only issue I had was that the cookies break pretty easily but they don't spread so you can make them a bit thicker than you normally would and that should solve the problem. Not only do they taste great but they didn't spread, which makes it a great recipe for use with cookie cutters or a cookie press (I used both). Another tip is that the dough shouldn't be too soft or it will be too sticky (refrigerating will help). If the dough is too hard, leave it out on the counter for a bit to soften up. When in a hurry, I've actually microwaved the dough on low for 30 seconds to soften it up a bit when it was too hard to roll out. I used Martha's frosting recipe (made with powered sugar, butter corn syrup), but I can't seem to find the exact recipe online. I did find some awesome decorating tips though.



Martha Stewart cupcake liners.


Grandmother Cluck's recipe for See's Fudge and Grams Ward's recipe for 7 Layer cookies.

Grams' 7 Layer Cookies


Martha Stewart cookie boxes (they came as a set at Michaels - 6 of each kind of box).




Handmade gift tag using Missy's stamps (get them at www.amuseartstamps.com/cartgenie/prodList.asp?scat=73).

Gift Tag

Gift Tag


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