Deck the Halls

Opps - I just realized that I forgot to show you my Christmas decorations. Since it seems like everyone in blogland shared their adorable homes, I will share my so-so apartment. It's not perfect but it works for now.

My old-fashioned tinsel tree (this came from my Grams so it's vintage, not one of the re-makes).

The stockings came from Old Navy, purchased a few years ago, before I realized I could sew my own stockings...but they're still adorable.

And it wouldn't be Peptogirl's house without a pink wreath.

Yikes, can can tell my tree is leaning from this picture, can't you?! The dangling candle holder in the foreground is made from vintage glass telephone pole insulators.

I got this adorable tree from Missy last year.

My tree, packed with decorations. Opps, and there's the plug! The black shelves display part of my cheesy snow globe collection, plus some really cool coasters that my parent's brought me back from Disneyland. Oh, and don't forget the holiday PEZ!

Oh, and decorated kitty.

Happy Holidays!


Carissa said...

I love your pink and silver, and the cute decorated kitty!

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