So I closed my Etsy shop...

...for the holidays. Not the smartest move, closing it right before prime holiday shopping season, I know. In my defense, I have two big back-to-back shows coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm taking all my Etsy stuff with me. My plan is to take a little break after IndieSac is done and then start fresh in January with a re-launch of both my Etsy shop and website.

Speaking of IndieSac, things are falling into place really nicely. We've got live music brought to you by Larisa Bryski. I'm excited, we've got Jimmy Mazerik on board again this year and someone new - Lea Winnen (she's a crafter too). Then a fashion show, presented by Atelier, which is a really awesome handmade & vintage shop at P and 16th streets.

I am SO excited and yet SO nervous at the same time!


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