Weekend Wrap-up

Hey guys & gals (Are there any guys reading my blog???)!

I know I'm lagging behind on the original Handmade for the Holidays gift tutorials (though you have to admit, I've pointed you towards some terrific tuts on other people's blogs). I should know better than to commit myself to doing something every week - no matter how easy I think it will be! I did take some photos of my record-bowl making this weekend so you can expect a tut for that soon.

I vended at the last Park Your Art show of the year at McMartin Reality on Saturday night. Let me tell you - it was cold! The cold affected sales a bit but I got in some great social networking time. I had the nicest booth neighbors! I got to meet Jaymi and Tom of Little Brown Box for the very first time. They have a really terrific set up, super-cute jewelry, and were super-nice to boot! I snagged myself a couple pairs of earrings (pink bows and red apples) and a vintagy flower hair pin.

Little Brown Box bow earrings

I was also situated next to Shannon of Minmade and her husband. It was SO nice to have good conversation to pass the time and take my mind off the cold. I snaggged a pair of vintage flower earrings from her as well. Shannon has an amazing assortment of travel wallets as well. I purchased one of her waist purses (pictured below) a few months ago and I just love it for craft shows. It's great for making change!

Minmade hip pack

Other than that, I just want to give a shout-out to One Happy Tree for tagging me. I am so sorry I haven't gotten around to writing the whole tagging post - just wanted to let you know that I've been busy and I'm not ignoring you! I've also had a lot of requests for business advice recently. I'm sorry that I don't have time to help everyone individually. I'm going to make an effort to do more business-related posts on my blog. And remember, I am still learning myself! You can learn quite a bit just by visiting some of the links I've listed in a previous post entitled Crafty Business Resources.

Thanks, everyone, for stickin' with me! I'm taking on a big new project so I might not be blogging quite as much. I just wanted you all to know that I'm still here and even though I get caught up and don't always get to acknowledge everyone, I really do appreciate your support!!!


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