IndieSacramento Update

So, you know how I mentioned a few posts back that IndieSacramento is on hold for a bit? Well, I was just kidding! I have the most amazing news. I had a meeting with Sacramento's Midtown Business Association and they are going to be an IndieSacramento partner and sponsor. This is HUGE!!! They are helping me to track down a venue so as soon as that is in place, I'll have a firm date and location and we can start accepting vendors. Even more great news is that the Midtown Business Association would like this to be a MONTHLY event. How awesome is that?! I'll keep you updated once I find out more!


Melissa H said...

great news! can't wait for more details.

SimplyStrands said...

I am little behind on my blog reading...but that is awesome news!!! I hope that I can be aprt of it again this year!!!

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