Park Your Art, Mister

Park Your Art - September

Last Saturday was "Second Saturday," which means lots of people were out looking at art in Sacramento, especially in midtown. Second Saturday has really grown to insane proportions lately. They actually have to block off part of 20th street and have traffic cops there directing traffic and making sure pedestrians don't get hit by cars. It's an awesome event - people get all dressed up and walk the grid in search of art, food, and alcohol.

I was lucky enough to participate in McMartin Reality's Park Your Art event on K, near 21st street.

The event was tons of fun. I did it alone this time but everyone is so friendly, I had tons of shoppers to talk to, plus I had a few visitors. I am always shocked at how in awe people are of record bowls. These are one of the first things I started selling along with my jewelry. I stopped selling them for awhile because they're kind of bulky, but people love them so much that I just had to bring them back. I also brought back my marble magnet sets for the holidays as well as my button stud earrings (is that what you call them? the non-dangly ones?) and introduced my vintage button rings for the first time. I'm also really happy with the way my display is coming along. It looks SO much better than it did when I first started!


Maureen said...

Amy: Can you do a tutorial on how to make record bowls. They are so neat. I would love to know how to make them with all the 70's music I have stored in my basement. Thanks and congrats on how well you 2nd Saturday worked out. Maureen

goody-goody said...

Everything looks so yummy!

belle said...

I love this photo montage everything looks beautiful....sounds like fun

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