Handmade for the Holidays: Mixed-media Decoupage Candle

Handmade for the holidays

I promised you a tutorial this week and here it is - not a moment too soon! I am showing you how to make a mixed-media decoupage candle. You can do a holiday theme or just choose photos and papers to suite the person you are making it for.

Gather a bunch of supplies: paper, magazines, glitter, charms, ribbon, rick rack, and other embellishments.

Step 1

Don't forget the candle! Use a Mexican Prayer Candle, they are very inexpensive and you can find them pretty much anywhere. I got mine from the 99Cent Clearance Center. Dollar Tree has them also.

Step 2

Remove the paper label.

Step 3

Decide which images you'd like to use. You can use scrapbooking paper, pages from books and magazines, or photographs if you wish.

Step 4

Get your decoupage medium ready. I am using the Crafty Chica™ Glossy Gloss Varnish™.

Step 5

Brush your decoupage medium all over the back of the paper.

Step 6

Position the paper.


Smooth out all of the bubbles. Re-position the paper if you get bubbles or if the paper doesn't fit snugly.

Step 8

Layer your decoupage medium onto the paper. Keep adding coats until the edges are adhered and the paper is protected by a glossy coat. I started out with a brush but it kept shedding hair onto my projects so I switched to a sponge brush which worked really well.

Step 9

Let it dry for a few hours then get ready for the fun part!

Step 10

Embellish until your heart desires.

Step 11


Decoupaged Mixed-media Candle

Decoupaged Mixed-media Candle

Stay tuned, I will be posting a tutorial on the Pimp Stitch blog this Monday!


SewAmy said...

this is adorable. I will have to make one of these of the holidays. thank you .

Sacred Snatch said...

Excellent tutorial!

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