Chritmas in August, New Events this Fall, and a Giveaway

Brace yourself, I have a lot to tell you about today. You might want to go grab a cup of hot coffee or tea before you settle into your chair. Don't worry, I'll wait for you.......back yet? Comfortable? Okay then, I can start now!

First of all, we have new patterns available on Pimp Stitch today, and it's Christmas time in August! That's so you can get an early start on your holiday projects and Christmas gifts.

Anticipating Christmas

Retro Holiday

Free Tut at Pimp StitchYou should also keep an eye on the Pimp Stitch blog, because will be blogging on a different topic every day. Mondays are tutorials, Tuesdays are pattern releases and guest designers, Wednesdays are book reviews (with yours truly), Thursdays are product reviews, and Friday is freebie Friday! Plus we'll throw in some giveaways and contests each month. It's going to be a good time!

Next, I have a whole lineup of events coming this Fall:

Second Saturday, September 13, 6-10pm
McMartin Reality
2031 K Street
Midtown Sacramento
(916) 447-1600

Sunday, September 28, 11am-6pm
Santa Rosa Railroad Square
Santa Rosa, CA
The Hand-Car Regatta blends art and science into one gigantic experience of moving parts, sounds and people. The Hand-Car Regatta supports art as an experience by taking art out of the gallery, into a public space and incorporating science, math and human ingenuity. The Hand-Car Regatta offers up an easily accessible, all inclusive, creative experience for both sides of the brain. This free, all day event includes live music, public art, kinetic sculpture and local food and drink.

Sunday November 2nd 2008, 10:00am - 5:00pm
San Francisco County Fair Building
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

You Bazaar! will feature 30 select craft vendors selling quality handmade wares and a series of rotating workshops throughout the day with some of your favorite plush designers. This will be a fun family friendly event to kick off the Plush You SF Show, opening Friday, November 7th 2008 and excite customers for the holiday shopping extravaganza Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco on Sunday, November 30th 2008.

Sunday November 30th 2008, 10:00am - 5:00pm
San Francisco County Fair Building
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
$1 at the door


And finally, this is my 400th post! Can you believe it? Where has the time gone? Well, if you stuck with me through this blog post then you surely deserve a reward. Leave me a comment and some lucky person will get some yummy fabric scraps, a cute little sewing kit, and a bag of colorful buttons, along with a few other goodies.

Whew! That's it for now!


Pink Petunia Designs said...

Congrats on your 400th post. Wow! I am hoping that my girls and I can make it to Bazaar Bizarre. It sounds so cool. Those fabrics and buttons are yummy!

hazel said...

Wish I lived out West! Would love to win, I too have been working on Christmas items! Love the patterns too! Happy Holidays!

stitch.tac.sew said...

congrats on your 400th post! The holiday patterns are adorable, if only I was in Cali to attend some of your events. Hope they are wonderful.


Wifey said...

I'm new to your site and I LOVE it! I'm moving to Sac so I'm glad to see that there will be some cool craft fairs there to attend! Congrats on the 400th post!

belle said...

Yay! 400 hundred posts! I will be a vendor at the Austin Bazaar Bizarre in October held in conjunction with The Maker Faire. Thanks for all your craft biz tips it is all very helpful and interesting.

pillworm said...

Congrats on turning 400! :o)

annemarie said...

Congrats to you - you deserve a special award for all you do!

Sacred Snatch said...

Congratulations Amy! Kudos to you!

Coco said...

Congrats on 400 posts!! I love your blog :D

Sue Cahill said...

400 posts, that is quite an accomplishment. What a lovely giveaway to share with us. Please throw my name in the hat and may you blog another 400!
Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

jeanetta said...

Congrats! Wow 400!
The Christmas tree is so awesome.

jules p said...

Well...congrats to you for your 400!
That is cool. Glad I have been a small part of it! ;)
I love your blog. And your blog friends-that I have gone to check out as well!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 400!!!! Love all those buttons!

mommiesbee said...

Wow 400 posts! Congratulations. That is quite an accomplishment. I look so forward to your blog everyday and can't wait to make new christmas presents for all my family. Thanks for the great giveaway!

artsygringa said...

Congrats. I just started "tuning in" and I love it.. Keep on blogging. I just started a blog of my own, and have put you on my blog list. Love it. Michele

Anonymous said...

400 posts is an awesome achievement!I stumbled upon your blog quite a while ago now and have been avidly reading ever since.keep up the great work :]

greetingarts said...

That chopstick fabric is so great! I just found your blog via Pimp Stitch, and am having a great time looking through your archives. Lots of fun!

bonbon momma said...

ooh, is it too late to enter? If not, count me in...

sewitsforyou said...

these are the times when I wish I still loved in SF. Have fun at all your shows and sell sell sell and I got the new patterns yesterday..

Emmyshell said...

Happy 400th post, found you from www.gidgetgoeshome.com and have been in love ever since!

emmawright12 at yahoo dot com (so you can email me if I win!)

Elliemae said...

Congrats on the 400 posts. Time flies when you're having fun!! I just found you from Crafty Carnival!! I love your blog!! Hope I win!!

Trudy said...

Wowzer! Congrats on your 400th post!
Love your blog, and visit it often. I even have it in my favs!
Could you enter me in that contest that you are running??

Wooly hugs,

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