Renegade Bummer & Japantown Cuteness

The mother/daughter team are Kasey and her daughter Devyn. Kasey's Etsy is KhaosCat.etsy.com (if you hurry, I see there's another mixed media owl in her shop) and khaoskitty.etsy.com is Devyn's store. Thanks so much to Barbe of Barbe Saint John aka Saints & Sinners® for the info!


First of all, I was completely bummed because I didn't get to vend at Renegade this weekend after all. My transportation plans fell through very last minute and it was just too late to work out a solution. I cried and felt sorry for myself, I got angry, I cleaned. It was a bad situation, but my apartment looks better because of it!

On Sunday, I decided that I needed some fun so I invited myself along on Missy and Lauren's day trip to the city (Tamie was still in Hawaii, lucky duck). Our first stop (after Starbucks, of course) was Japantown. We headed to this really cool Japanese bookstore and poured through all of the amazing Japanese craft books. We could have stayed there for hours. I exercised restraint and left with only two books, but they are cute ones!

100_4385 100_4384

Lauren could barely retrain herself as we headed to Ichiban Kan, Japantown's "dollar store." When we got there, I could see why. So much cute plasticy goodness, all in one place! It's amazing how cute all their every day objects are - adorable office supplies, colorful party favors, fun stationary and stickers and bento boxes galore. And so so many inanimate objects with faces, I could not contain myself either! I even found a broom with a face on it (that was at Daiso in Daly City - more on that later)!

While in Japantown, I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the "fake food" window displays as well of some of the "cute" signage. Below is my favorite "fake" meal, it looks like chicken friend steak with brown gravy, an egg, and spaghetti.


After hitting up Japantown, we headed to Fort Mason's to check out Renegade. It was awesome!!! I definitely had a pang of regret that I wasn't vending, there were SO many talented vendors there and a terrific crowd of people. One of my favorite vendors was the San Francisco Etsy Street Team. There was a mother & daughter pair there that were really sweet. I didn't grab a card, but I know Missy got one so I'll update you with their Etsy shops at a later date. Missy and Lauren purchased some felted goodies from the daughter, I purchased this great owl painting/collage (see below) from her mother. I also scored this great oilcloth wallet from Mae Henry. I ended up with a nice pile of swag!


After Renegade, we headed to Elephant Bar for some eats! It was our first "real food" of the day so we splurged on dinner and dessert. I had the shrimp platter and we shared the lava cake and brownie sundae. YUM! After we were too stuffed to walk, we headed to Daiso for more Japanese cuteness before heading home. Here are a couple of photos of my loot!



Even though I was sad about not getting to vend at Renegade, some good did come out of it. It was really great to spend the day with Missy and Lauren (we missed Tamie though). And I got to explore Renegade from a shopper's perspective, which was awesome because you know I LOVE me some handmade goodness. It's great to know who your true friends are, they have your back, cheer you up when you're down, and help you make the best out of a bad situation. Uh oh, is that a little too mushy for blogland? Sorry, guys, I had an emotional moment but I'll try not to let it happen again. I can't wait for another day trip and am excited for the next Renegade Craft Fair! Hopefully next time Tamie will be in town and we can apply as Pimp Stitch!


Barbe Saint John aka Saints & Sinners® said...

Sorry I didn't see you guys! the mother/daughter team are Kasey and her daughter Devyn. Sweet lady and a great daughter, I met them thru an etsy group meetup a couple of months ago.

I think Kaseys etsy is KhaosCat.etsy.com and khaoskitty.etsy.com is Devyns store

Sacred Snatch said...

Ok, now I totally regret not going. I was going to try and make it on Sunday too.

Thanks for sharing your day and the pics! Too Cute.......

Anonymous said...

Looks like you totally turned that day around. Great stuff! I wish we had stuff like that here.

Missy Ballance said...

oh dang! Snatchy could have came with us! That would have been fun too! I am secretly a little happy you got to hang with us instead! Plus, now you're ready for baz biz!!

Absolutely Small said...

I'm sorry Renegade fell through for you- that really sucks! On the other hand, I am totally jealous you got to go to my absolute most favorite store in the universe, DAISO! (And Japantown!! Which is not *a store*, but you know.) Lucky duck! And unlucky duck. ^-^

katie jean said...

Sorry it didn't work out for you. I would be major bummed too! But Japantown rocks!! That would pick me up right away too. Actually, anything in SF would pick me up.

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